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Rytro is located on the main tourist route of Beskid Sądecki, in a beautiful gorge section of the Poprad Valley. From the west the town is surrounded with the afforested range of Radziejowa, and from the east with the Jaworzyna range.

Picture on the side - Ruins of the royal castle on the steep hill (Zamczysko by the Poprad river).
All tourists looking for a thrilling experience should visit the ABlandia Adventure Park in Rytro. Fastened to a safety rope you can walk on lines suspended from a few to over ten meters above the ground. This gives a great adrenaline injection, and demands some strength, skill and power, but offers at the same time unparalleled satisfaction and great fun. Playing in the park is an excellent idea for spending time in the fresh air, for children, youngsters and adults. The design solutions used in the adventure park also enable people with lower than average physical fitness to do the route from start to finish.

Attractions in detail:

JUNIOR trail - specially designed and created rope line for the youngest people (through play children learn responsible behaviour and how not to overestimate their abilities; for children older than 3 years). The ropes are suspended from 1 to 2 m above ground level. On the trees there are also platforms with houses installed, to make childrens’ play more attractive. All obstacles on the way are secured with special safety nets.

GREEN trail - located several meters above ground level, consists of 15 different obstacles and attractions.

RED trail - the trail is positioned much higher above ground level and is more challenging. There are 15 different obstacles and attractions along the trail.

PAJĘCZAK zip-line - a number of Tyrolean traverses on an inclined line, with the longest one about 160m; when sliding you slow down or stop on a specially designed spider net made of ropes.

Big SWING - a huge pendulum; if you love an adrenaline kick, you must go for it! A person is pulled to the desired level (max. up to 17m), and then jumps in a swinging trajectory.

Water balls - exciting water adventure for young and older people!

Rural Ecology Park - It was established in 1996 to protect unique sites of plants and animals characteristic of the waterlogged areas in the mountains. On an area covering 0.52 hectares you will find many species of amphibians and reptilians, which in many parts of Poland are very rare or totally extinct.

"Old Quarry" -
It is a very attractive site and an excellent example of an ecotone environment. It takes about 45 minutes to reach this place from the Rural Ecology Park. Halfway between these two places you will pass by the ecological education centre "Dom Natury", located near the forester’s lodge.
Rural Ecology Park Wind power station "Old Quarry"

"Ryterski Raj" Ski Station

Features offered: four-seat chair lift with a conveyor (700 m long, 200 m difference in level, able to carry 2000 people/hour), ski lift for beginner skiers (350 m long, 70 m difference in level), carpet lift for children (easy, low-inclined slope with a SunKid moving carpet), ski runs with snowmaking machines, artificial illumination, and a 2 km long loop for cross-country skiing.
These are only a selection of the attractions you can enjoy in Beskid Sądecki, so you should come here and personally experience many other surprises that this beautiful land has for you!



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