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Training sessions - gallery

Tomaszem Hajto trafił do Las Vegas! - zgrupowanie ŁKS ŁódĽ

Football players from ŁKS began their training in Barcice, near Stary S±cz. The group of players coached by Grzegorz Wesołowski has gained a new member. On Sunday evening the team was joined by a left defensive player of Vetra Vilnius from Lithuania, Gediminas Paulauskas, aged 26. Kamil Bartosiewicz has also arrived, and we are expecting Wahan Geworgian to arrive today from ŁódĽ.

- “We spoke yesterday for quite a long time, and he assured me that he would leave in the morning and would be with us for the afternoon training,” said coach Wesołowski.

Yesterday evening we waited for Tomasz Hajto, but he did not get here before the second training session. “He sent an sms to Marcin Adamski asking for directions to Barcice, so he will surely get here soon, not later than in the morning,” said Wesołowski before dinner. “Tomorrow he will be here before training.”

Wesołowski and Hajto meet again after 17 years. In 1991-92 Hajto, then aged 20, started his league experience in Hutnik Kraków, together with Wesołowski, 10 years older and an experienced defensive player. “At that time, he was a young player but already brave, ambitious and tough, and he still is,” recollects Wesołowski.

Other new players also came to Barcice: Nerijus Radzius (FBK Kaunas, Lithuania), Stanisław Terlecki junior (GLKS Nadarzyn), and Robert Sierant (Kolejarz Stróże), rejoining his former team.

Players of ŁKS were accommodated in the "Las Vegas" hotel, near the football field, sports hall and gym. Yesterday, before mid-day the coach decided to have running exercise to the mountains, and each player was carrying a sport tester, for heart rate monitoring. Interestingly, players from ŁódĽ were chasing a rabbit, as athletes used to say. The role of the rabbit was played by one of the footballers from the local team, familiar with all local trails and paths, big and small, through which he lead league players from ŁódĽ.

Then, training at the gym was held in the afternoon. “We’ll train in an alternating system, in the mountains and in the gym, but we also want to use the nearby sports field, because it looks well maintained,” says Wesołowski.

Yesterday in Barcice the temperature dropped to minus 5 degrees Celsius. “In fact, it feels much colder because of the gusty wind,” commented Jacek Żałoba, team manager. “Barcice is set in a scenic place, at the foot of the Beskidy, but is affected by specific airflows. Local people warned us at the beginning that downslope winds (halny) are frequent here, and gusts can be even stronger than those we felt today.

For footballers, this creates and extra obstacle in training, but may bring good results, as they have to run uphill and at the same time often struggle against the strong wind.

Tomasz Hajto visited LAS VEGAS...
Barcice, 15.01.2009r. source: Dziennik Łódzki,
After terminating his contract with Górnik Zabrze Tomasz Hajto, 37, has gone to... Las Vegas

The football player, known for his liking for roulette, went not to the USA, the world centre of gambling and sin city, but to Barcice, for a training session of ŁKS, sports club from ŁódĽ.

The football player, known for his liking for roulette, went not to the USA, the world centre of gambling and sin city, but to Barcice, for a training session of ŁKS, sports club from ŁódĽ. The management of ŁKS did not have to think long about employing Hajto. His skills, and his personal attitude are expected to help in keeping the team in the A class.

- “In autumn we were too polite on the sports field. We were lacking a leader and I believe that Tomek will take on this role,” said the coach, Grzegorz Wesołowski, aged 47. Hajto, a defensive player, said he can be a useful member of the team, and his optimism has started to affect the other players.

- “After working properly during the preliminary period he will be a great support for the team,” said the coach.



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