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13 - Meeting for Football Veterans Affiliated to the Senior Council
No, not in the American house of evil and inebriety, but the Barcice resort, famous for its positive reviews, and run by Wiesław Rutkowski, former player of Start, a football team from Nowy S±cz.

Rutkowski put away his football boots and went into business, but keeps in touch with sport, not only through playing in old boy teams, but also by being active in the organization for former well-known football players. For the second time Rutkowski invited his rivals from the field – and mates from the organization, to his estate, to treat them with tasty barbequed food.
- "I' ve just created the menu; the rest was taken care of by my daughter Sylwia and her husband, Janusz Sobczak, who is my invaluable help mate,” explained the host, before being honoured by the president of the senior council with a memorial bas-relief bearing a special dedication. Rutkowski, whose resort is visited by many league teams organizing camps at Las Vegas, is not going to rest on his laurels. It is likely that soon he will begin to build a full-size pitch with an artificial surface for top football teams.

As with the meeting of the veterans, before they sat around the table they got involved in stormy debate on the quality and current state of football in the Nowy S±cz region. Jerzy Ligęza said he hoped that Zenon Mandryk, an excellent attacking player being treated in hospital, would soon recover, and admitted later that he has a plan to organize a meeting at which the invited city mayor, team manager, coach and players of Sandecja will be presented with some ideas by the old boys for the harmonious development of football in Nowy S±cz.

- “It is not about us playing philosophers or acting as saviours, but I think that our experience from life and football could be of some use,” explained the speaker.

Józef "Alek" Unold pointed out the need for establishing at least two pitches for young players in our city.

- “Young people, not only those with special sports skills, are simply bored, and they do not know what to do with their free time. Instead of expending their energy in sports facilities they get involved in dull activities,” contemplated Unold, known for his vocal talent and being, after all, a member of the "Echo II" choir in the parish of St. Casimir. “I brought this matter to the mayor of Nowy S±cz but achieved nothing. Maybe press intervention will be effective.”

Kazimierz Sas, former long standing manager of Sandecja, shared his experience in sport and deplored the fact that MKS, a first league team, has so few players that received training at the club. The speech by Zygmunt Żabecki was in the same vein, while Franciszek Szarek, previously a well-known football referee and today a coach, expressed his concern about the fact that there is a problem with alcohol when lower-league matches are played.

Władysław Mirek, a deputy to Jerzy Ligęza, relaxed the atmosphere by reminding the audience that the working sessions of the senior council are more appropriate for such substantitive disputes, while the meeting in Barcice should be used as an opportunity for the integration of sports people and for social small talk. The meeting’s participants applauded the deputy manager and return to their tables, where, instead of a dessert they were served ... lard with onion, brought straight from the Ukraine and known there as "sało".



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