Wedding ceremonies

If you decide to organize a wedding reception on our estate, we will plan everything to make it the party you are dreaming about and meeting your needs exactly.
We have several-years experience, and know that a perfect wedding reception can mean something entirely different for each newlywed couple. Nevertheless, all couples share some needs and expect the party to be joyful, exceptional and fabulous…You should know that our staff will make every effort to make your wedding as memorable as possible.

Have you always dreamt of a beautiful wedding?

Sala weselna, wesela, dom weseleny

Let us make your dreams come true and turn the preparation for the wedding reception into a simple pleasure. We will take care of every detail, give advice on the menu composition and other things you wish, to make this special day exceptional and fabulous…

sala weselna Nowy Sącz Barcice, dom weseleny

For our guests we have 2 separate air-conditioned reception rooms, with interiors designed in the manorial style: very elegant, extravagant and inspiring, unusually charming, with kitchen amenities and with a large car park. The reception rooms are in separate buildings, so two independent events can be handled at the same time. We ensure professional service and superb food – exquisite meals are served by kind staff in the elegant interiors of a stylish manor with an exceptional atmosphere.


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