Slovakia is a unique country. In a small area you can find almost anything – from natural treasures, monuments, rich folk culture and folklore to fun in the busy streets of cities. Let yourself be enthralled by its beauty and enjoy the unique atmosphere we offer. Discover the attractiveness of natural scenery boasting rich history, culture and tradition. Just discover Slovakia.

Spisky hrad the most popular castle ruin in Slovakia and at the same time the largest castle complex in Central Europe. In itself, it can be a one-day trip, as visiting it will take you a minimum of half a day. And if you go to an event, such as a knight tournament, you will want to stay longer.

Tatralandia is the largest aquapark in Slovakia and is perfect for spending time with children or a group of friends. You can spend all day there and do not get bored. It is best to go there in the winter, when after bathing in hot water you can go out to cool off directly to the snow lying next to the pool. In the summer, much more attractions are launched.

In Slovakia we find many different attractions.

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